Are You Fully Servicing Your Client Base?

The immediate answer for most of you reading this is going to be YES. As lawn care professional, we are very prideful in our business. We think that we are truly providing the best service to every customer we come in contact with. Yes, we’ll have those days where we want to get through that last lawn to get home with the family.

When was the last time you were cutting a customers lawn and the tires of your equipment just left marks in their yard due to moisture? Think about that moment, WE HAVE ALL HAD IT. What did you do? Chances are you went back to the truck and switched equipment or used a trimmer to cut that area of the yard. Guess what?? Next week, you are facing the same issue.

What would it look like for your business if every time you had that situation you had a checklist to go through that would tell you how to fix the problem? What if you had an easy way to estimate the cost of fixing the issue? What if you had template for how to have that conversation with the homeowner or business?

Don’t think for one second that the owner isn’t aware of the issue. You know why it hasn’t been addressed?


  • No one has given them a plan and a clear way to fix the issue 
  • They have no idea where to start 
  • They don’t know the cost
  • They didn’t know your company did that (we’ve all heard that a time or twenty)
  • It is that pink elephant in the room that they just don’t talk about.

The Sustainable Landscapes One Tool Chest

How much time do you spend advertising for new customer? How much money? You don’t need to answer, we know it is a lot. Businesses now focus so much on adding more customers, which is necessary. Let’s talk about taking FULLY care of those existing customers.

Inside the Tool Chest you are going to have access to:


Site visit checklists

Done for you branded material that you can use onsite to uncover hidden or out in the open issues on your clients property


How to estimate cost

How to put together a plan that makes sense for both the client and your company.


How to discuss with the client

Sounds easy right, it is not.  We can overspeak often and talk above a clients head easily 


How to market these services

We always assume clients know everything we do until we pull up one day and there is a competitor providing a service you offer.

Sustainable Landscape Action Plan





It all starts with a consultation. Everyone has a unique situation where most companies go wrong is by offering cookie cutter solutions/suggestions without fully knowing the issue.

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